Benjamin Barenblat

software engineer · Cambridge, Massachusetts (GPG key) ·

Work experience


software engineer

General software engineer at Google with experience in several departments. Most recently, explored ways to effectively connect Apple’s C++ toolchains with Google’s globally distributed build system. Created internal fork of a widely used Apple development tool, having modified it to support Google’s unique build and CI environments, and deployed it to thousands of engineers. Instigated, designed, and ran a multi-year, thousand-patch cleanup across Google’s massive single repository to remove common bugs and enable stricter error checking for all builds targeting Apple platforms.

Previous work focused on wide-area networking with the Stadia infrastructure team. Engineered network control plane automation for a globally load-balanced service, extended software-defined networking infrastructure to support Stadia’s use case, and deployed changes to international network control systems with zero downtime. Engaged in internet-scale debugging, identifying broken hardware and router firmware bugs from thousands of miles away.

Also acted as a C++ readability reviewer, mentoring dozens of other engineers as they developed C++ fluency through tens of thousands of lines of C++. Extensive open-source contributions, including maintainership of the official Debian packages for Abseil and work with Michael Pratt to lay the foundation for the RISC‑V Go backend. Presented the latter at the 5th RISC‑V workshop.


researcher, engineer

Full-time technical position at Galois, a small research and development group focused on high-quality systems in mission-critical applications. Based in Portland, Oregon, Galois is known worldwide for their expertise in applied cryptography, programming languages, and formal methods.

As researcher, investigated methods to automatically verify security properties of cryptographic secret-sharing protocols; as engineer, maintained compelling, public-facing demonstrations of same. Also designed and implemented the majority of a metabenchmarking system allowing benchmarkers to construct and repeat performance runs while automatically collating data received therefrom.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(SB 2013, MEng 2015)

Received MEng in computer science; advised by Professor Adam Chlipala throughout research on embedded system verification. Thesis discussed formally verified software for the ARM Cortex‑M3 microcontroller, including a key storage tool and an append-only log. Coursework included complexity theory, certified systems software, and operating system engineering.

Received SB in computer science and engineering; undergraduate coursework included computer language engineering and microcontroller project laboratory.

Additional information

Computer and technology interests

Proficient in C++, C, Python, shell, and Haskell programming; exposure to Java and Go. Author of xscreensaver-dbus, a daemon to translate D‑Bus inhibition requests into equivalent XScreenSaver control commands; Scoville, a FUSE file system that escapes files’ names for easy storage on FAT volumes; and several simple but well-regarded Chrome extensions. Debian Developer with multiple packages in wide use.