Benjamin Barenblat

Face to face

Occasionally, my projects don’t quite fit onto the internet.

6.004: Computation Structures (autumn 2014)

I’m a teaching assistant for 6.004, MIT’s undergraduate-level processor design course, this autumn.

6.115: Microcomputer Project Laboratory (May 2012)

In spring 2012, I took 6.115, MIT’s microcontroller lab subject. For my final project, I built a programmable music box using an 8051-series microcontroller.

Introduction to LTX (January 2012)

During IAP (January) 2012, I taught SIPB’s Introduction to LTX, which reduced the learning curve so commonly associated with the canonical mathematical and scientific document preparation system.

6.S189: Introduction to Python (January 2012)

IAP 2012 also saw me working as the head lab assistant for 6.S189, which aimed to give students who had never programmed before an introduction to the art.

The Bad Ideas Nth Annual Python Bee (January 2011)

During Bad Ideas 2011, I participated in the Nth Annual Python Bee, in which I spelled several Python programs. The YouTube video of the final round even made it onto Reddit’s front page for a few hours.

Bootstrap (March 2010)

In March 2010, I helped teach ‘Bootstrap: Create Your Own Videogame in Scheme’, a condensed version of the official Bootstrap curriculum.