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Project Description Last Change
0: ready for use
debian-xcwd.git Debian packaging for xcwd 7 weeks ago
notmuch_watcher.hs.git run `notmuch new` whenever mail is delivered to your maildir 3 months ago
wayback-machine-button.git Chrome extension to reopen the current page in the Wayback Machine 3 months ago
gtd-txt.git Getting Things Done in plain text 7 months ago
debian-urweb.git Debian packaging for Ur/Web 7 months ago
underlying.c.git find the underlying program in a wrapper script 7 months ago
fish_riddle.smt2.git SMT-LIB solution to the fish riddle 8 months ago
bitutils.git scripts to ease working with binary numbers 9 months ago
scoville.git file name translator overlay 17 months ago
debian-boogie.git Debian packaging for Boogie 17 months ago
debian-transmission-remote-gtk.git Debian packaging for transmission-remote-gtk 17 months ago
debian-dafny.git Debian packaging for Dafny 22 months ago
pndpowerd.git power management daemon for the OpenPandora handheld 22 months ago
urweb-regex.git Ur/Web regular expression library 2 years ago
urweb-crypto-random-openssl.git generate cryptographically secure random bytes (please read 2 years ago
urweb-crypto-hash-openssl.git Ur bindings for OpenSSL’s MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-2 functions 2 years ago
urweb-gravatar.git Ur/Web Gravatar library 2 years ago
bluespec-buffer.git Bluespec buffer bank 3 years ago
lyt.git simple literate programming tool 3 years ago
18.022.git cheat sheet for vector and multivariable calculus 3 years ago
hierarchical-exceptions.git Template Haskell functions to easily create exception hierarchies 4 years ago
urweb_bcrypt.git Ur FFI module for the bcrypt hash algorithm 4 years ago
6.947.git fake course web site 4 years ago
ageOf.git pluggable utility to determine somebody’s age 5 years ago
6033dp1.git LaTeX class for 6.033 design project 1 6 years ago
1: work in progress
btls.git BoringSSL-backed TLS and cryptography library for Haskell 4 weeks ago
ugtd.git GTD software 15 months ago
debian-dwarf-fortress.git Debian packaging for Dwarf Fortress 2 years ago
debian-deadbeef.git Debian packaging for DeaDBeeF 2 years ago
bazel-ocaml.git Skylark rules for OCaml 2 years ago
urwiki.git wiki software written in Ur/Web 2 years ago
debian-secpwgen.git Debian packaging for secpwgen 3 years ago
debian-compcert.git Debian packaging for CompCert 3 years ago
2: old and unmaintained
urweb-markdown.git Ur/Web Markdown parser 2 years ago
jarvis.git asynchronous interactive shell 2 years ago
B.git a new way to look at the Agda standard library 2 years ago
cc-skeleton.git skeleton for C++ projects 3 years ago
gpg-forward-agent.git forward your gpg-agent connections via SSH 3 years ago
ppamltracer.git a lightweight, portable tracing library 4 years ago
ppaml-vrep-automobile-plugin.git V-REP plugin to extract sensor data from a vehicle with Ackermann steering 4 years ago
urweb.git functional programming language for web programming 8 months ago
haskell-unix.git POSIX functionality – 9 months ago
riscv-opcodes.git RISC-V opcodes 21 months ago
fish-shell.git user-friendly command line shell 21 months ago
protobuf.git Protocol Buffers – Google’s data interchange format 2 years ago
citra.git Nintendo 3DS emulator/debugger 2 years ago
st.git simple terminal 2 years ago
notmuch.git thread-based email index, search and tagging 3 years ago
offlineimap.el.git OfflineIMAP support for Emacs 3 years ago
debathena-extra-software.git 3 years ago
coq.git the Coq proof assistant 3 years ago
sipb-code-of-conduct.git 4 years ago
FiveUI.git extensible UI analysis in your browser 4 years ago
dagitfix.git tools to ~automatically fix packaging and branching of Debathena repositories 4 years ago
dns.git Haskell DNS library 5 years ago
livestreamer.git CLI program that captures streams from various streaming services 5 years ago
uzbl.git web browser that adheres to the Unix philosophy 6 years ago
Burton-Conner-Tetris-Battle.git Tetris installation controlled by DDR pads on the side of Burton-Conner 6 years ago
easytag.git Git repo of the development series of EasyTag (as there is no official SCM) 6 years ago
SmootLight.git modular control system for interactive large-scale pixel-based light installations 7 years ago